What to expect on your Tree House Chiang Mai Jungle tour?

For most of our guests it is their first time venturing out on a Chiang Mai jungle tour in Thailand for an overnight stay. Therefore to help you plan for your stay we have put together a small factsheet detailing the essential information you need to know in order to make your stay as relaxed and care free as possible.

Insects and Mosquitoes

Being located in the middle of a remote mountain village surrounded by dense forests, guests are often concerned about bugs, particularly mosquitoes. Therefore, we always recommend to bring mosquito spray with you on tour, particularly for the hiking and other out-door activities that we organize. Mosquitoes are generally non existent during the during the winter months (November – Feb) as they don’t seem to enjoy the cooler mountain temps. However, as the the mercury starts to climb in March so does the insect count. The monsoon season (May – October) is when the forest is technically ‘alive’ so this is when you will encounter the most bugs. As a rule we suggest using repellent through out your stay and keeping yourselves covered up during the evening, particularly during the rainy season. All rooms come with mosquito net as well.

Trekking at the Tree House

Trekking is often one of the highlights of your stay at the tree house. The trekking is generally of a medium gradient with a few inclines, but most people are able to complete the treks. The trek to the waterfall involves crossing rivers, so prepare to get your feet wet. For the hike we recommend that you wear covered shoes with good grip (trainers are fine) not flip flops and crocs. At least knee length pants and a short-sleeved shirt. We also suggest a small back pack to carry water and a swimsuit should you decide to swim at the falls. For more info and pics about the jungle trekking experience visit our Chiang Mai Trekking Tours page.

Is the tree house safe for young families?

The short answer is Yes. We have hosted many families with children ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Our large terrace is enclosed by strong railings and a securely built wooden floor. Families seem to enjoy the fact that they can take their children out into the Thai countryside, and have a safe, secure space to return to each day.

Tree House Accommodation

Accommodation at the tree house is not 5 star, but it is clean and comfortable. Each room comes with clean bedding, mosquito net and storage space. We have a combination of ensuite bedrooms and also rooms with shared bathrooms. All bathrooms comes with a western toilet, hand basins, mirror and hot water showers.

Shared Space

The main terrace where you relax and eat is a shared space so we ask guests to respect other people’s space. We kindly ask you to adhere to the following guidelines: Please keep your voice down before 8.00am and after 10.00pm. If you want to listen to electrical music devices/tablets we ask that you use headphones, so as not to disturb other guests who may just want to listen to the ‘Sound of Nature’