Tree House + Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary Tour

Elephants and Thailand go hand in hand and In Chiang Mai and, as part of your stay at the tree house we are able to offer you a tour to a Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary. We can organize a full day mahout program where by you learn how to feed, command ride bareback or walk with your elephant, followed by bathing the elephant. If you are short on time we can also organize half day tours to the parks.

Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai 

We can guarantee that all sanctuaries that you visit, as part of your tour to the tree house, treat the elephants humanely and are striving to be the best Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai. The  following elephant sanctuaries are who we have partnered with: Elephant Nature Park, Kanta Elephant Sanctuary and Lanna Kingdom Elephant Sanctuary. When making an enquiry tick the elephant activity box and we will send you more details about the elephant experiences.