Tree House Chiang Mai Jungle Trek: Overview

When you book a tree house tour, as part of your stay, you’ll get to go on an awesome Chiang Mai Jungle trek tour. The trek is usually done on the first day of arrival at the tree house and is a circular route that takes in a varied landscape of : lush river valleys (be prepared to get your feet wet) mountain trails and, of course secluded waterfalls. Total trekking time including stop at the waterfall is between 3-4hrs in length.

The fitness level required for the trekking tour is moderate to fit. Children as young as 5 yrs, that have had some walking experience, are able to complete the trek.  The gradient on the trek is overall flat with a gradual incline with a few steep inclines along the trail. The most important thing to note is that you will be expected to cross rivers during the hike, so please bring shoes that have good grip and that you don’t mind getting wet. Amphibious shoes are perfect, otherwise a lightweight pair trainers will be fine.

What to prepare for the Jungle Tour Trek: 

  • Light weight Amphibious shoes, sport trainers with good grip are fine (your shoes will get wet)
  • Light wear breathable clothing that dries quickly
  • Pack a swim suit if you would like to swim at the waterfalls
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Light weight rain poncho, in case of a downpour
  • A sense of adventure and plenty of good humour 🙂

Local Guide and English Speaking guides 

On the hike you will be joined by a minimum of two guides, one will speak English and the other will be a local guide from the village, who knows the trails like the back of his hand. You will each be given a walking stick that will greatly help when crossing the river sections as well as when you have to descend down steep inclines.